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(Photo of James Dean with Julie Harris in "East of Eden")

REST PEACEFULLY JULIE HARRIS (December 02, 1925 - August 24 2013)

One really last connection with James Dean was Julie Harris, I wanted
to meet her so bad. What makes me more sad is my sister Jane and I lived on
Cape Cod back in the late 90s, Julie lived in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod. That
was our real opportunity to meet her then. RIP Julie

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    I started my James Dean collection back in 1985 when I was *24 (the age Dean died) collecting books
    and anything on James Dean after watching Rebel Without a Cause for the first time. I got hooked
    immediately. Then after watching Giant I was excited to find out his character was named Jett Rink.
    My nickname is and has been Jett since my childhood years. In East of Eden Dean plays a twin. I am a
    twin too! Another connection with me and Jimmy. Oh wait, one more. He drove a Porsche Speedster
    in one of his car races number 23F. My birthdate is January 23. And he is an Aquarius like me
    Had he lived I believe he would have been my best friend.      --- Georgette (aka Jett)
    My email: - jetdogy@aol.com

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